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Why I Wrote Get It Together

Hi there!

Just wanted to tell you a bit about my up coming bass book, coming out on January 1st, 2020 as an ebook (with videos) and physical copies will be available early next year from Amazon.

This book basically covers the material I end up teaching in most of the private lessons I give. I usually teach college level and professional jazz upright bassists from around the world, so this is tailored for them, although there are also very basic fundamental exercises suitable for the beginner and bass guitarists.There are also counting and clapping exercises related to strengthening your pulse and helping you internalize rhythms, so this can relate to all musicians, especially those who didn’t grow up in a music culture that prioritized rhythm.

Many students ask me about soloing or how to play 5 over 4 etc… but they don’t have a clear consistent sound, or they walk a bass line dragging and pushing within in the space of a bar, or they can’t hear how a quarter note triplet falls against the beat. As a result, these are the chapters in my book:


The Triplet


Keeping Time.

Nothing super advanced I’m afraid (the next book will be), but exercises intended to give you the foundation to tackle those more advanced rhythms and hang with the best drummers and develop a strong sound and pocket.

Also I just wanted there to be a bass book that at least tackled these issues, instead of the all the books about harmony and chords.

I’m excited to release this and hope that you will buy it and find it useful.

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