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New Bass Course available today!

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that my new bass course - Walking Bass on Rhythm Changes - is out today.

It includes 15 intensive video lessons (with pdfs) which are meant to be worked through step by step.

Rather than the usual walking bass method, I have developed and articulated an approach to walking in one key which you can intersperse with thinking about the chord changes. It is meant to be learnt aurally. This foundation hopefully gives the student the flexibility to really improvise and not regurgitate lines learned by rote.

Where I can, I have referenced specific music examples, so there is a clear point to MUSIC and not a real book or stuff written down on a page.

When walking bass is done well, it is the greatest art form, but so many players do it badly or too deferentially with no attention to the spirit it was created in.

So hopefully with this method, you can learn to really improvise, create and still stay faithful to the specific musical situation you are in.

More info here

You can also download the first Lesson for free here

There are big discounts on my course and books for my IN THE SHED members.



More info/get course

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